Teddy Bear Artists and their Pals - artist made bears, dolls, other critters

"Teddy bears and pals - Artist designed teddy bears and pals, crafted with love" 

Artist bears designed and made by teddy bear artists from all over America are featured in our Gallery below. Dolls, birds and other pals are found too! All of our bears as well as their pals are hand made teddy bears. We have bears and pals made from various mohairs, and real fur bears from recycled fur coats, as well as other materials. If you have an old teddy bear needing some repair, we even have a bear restoration artist. Looking for vintage bears, dolls and others? We have some of those too! Also visit our special pages for favorite links, Have fun singing to "Teddy Bear Picnic", and reading about the history of the teddy bear too.


  Snuggle Time Baby Dolls   

"Carol's Crew" makes friends of teddy bears and makes dolls!          
     What baby doesn't have a teddy?

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Snuggle Time Baby Dolls
  Laura Boeck-Singers 

Laura is an artistic teddy bear artist who also designs and makes other critters as well as does restoration work on love worn bears.  She uses mohair and recycled fur as well as other materials in designing and making her bears and their friends.

See her newest bears!

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Laura Boeck Singers hand made teddy bears
  Old Bears On The Move

For those collectors of vintage and antique bears.
Laura Boeck-Singers also sells vintage bears. Occasionally you will see vintage dolls here too.

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Old bears on the move


Sue Van Dyke of EMBRACE-A-BEAR

Artist made teddy bears by Embrace-a-Bear, Sue Van Dyke

Kris Terr Bears

Designed and made by hand are some of Janet Poell's artist designed teddy bears, made with love and have a little heart in all of them.

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MohairTeddy bears made by Janet Poell


Learn how to make a bear

                with our Theodore bear Kit

Learn how to make a bear with our Theodore Bear kit


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 "Old Bears On The Move" For those collectors of vintage and antique bears Janet Poell - Kris Terr Bears

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